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Hello Wentworth fans,

Please give a huge THANK YOU to Rachel, who made this episode of Talking Teal possible. Enjoy the weekly discussion about your favorite show, and please take a moment to read the information in this blog post regarding how this season of TT is going to work. Together, we can make this Talking Teal season a great one!

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Jun 11, 2019

I wonder why I have yet to see Allie [or Kate Jenkinson] given credit for her strong performance throughout Season 5. Her support of Franky from her sensitive approach and offer of friendship at the beginning to her arguing Liz into let Franky go rather than remain in prison to protect her [Liz] all point to Allie's loyalty. Her plan to hotshot Ferguson went awry but it was planned and pursued with bravery. I liked watching Franky and Allie work together to make escape possible. Friendship is rarely so well portrayed since romance too often takes precedence. I feel that the writers have done a disservice to the character they originally created.

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