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Updated: Jun 5, 2019

We're back, Wentworth fans! Time for your weekly discussion about your favorite show!

Please note, there have been changes to the way this year's Talking Teal season is going to go. Please take a moment to read the information below the video, or visit this blog post so that you know all the information. Together, we can still make this Talking Teal season a great one, we're sure!

HD version:

SD version:

Dear Talking Teal Family,

We were thrilled to launch the new season of Wentworth with a full episode of Talking Teal. However, for reasons that are entirely out of our control, we cannot commit to a whole season 7 of Talking Teal. For that reason, we cannot collect contributions from you all for a full season campaign.

But, don't be discouraged! Personal perks are still available. And in order to get as much Talking Teal as possible this season, here is what we are going to do:

Currently there are six Talking Teal perks offered on our Lady Parts TV Indiegogo page: A 20-minute / 30-minute personal Talking Teal podcast with us, a 20-minute / 30-minute / 40-minute personal Talking Teal Vlog with us, and a full Talking Teal episode (replete with fan emails and everything!).

Every week, right after the new Wentworth episode airs, if you are interested in a Talking Teal perk, shoot us an email to tell us which perk you would like to get for that week's episode. Please, email us by Wednesday morning EST for a full episode perk (we need enough time to prepare, and fans need enough of a head's up to write their emails) and by Wednesday night EST for a personal episode.

Once we give you the go-ahead (we will not know in advance, only on a week-to-week basis), then please immediately go ahead and purchase the perk to guarantee it. Then, if you've purchased a full episode, we will let everyone know we are accepting Talking Teal emails that week, or If you purchased a personal episode, we will schedule a time to record it together with you asap.

For repeat customers, we offer a discount on multiple personal perks. When you buy your second perk of the season, you will get 10% off it. When you buy your third perk of the season, you will get 15% off. When you buy your fourth perk of the season, you will get 20% off. Please note, the discount is only on personal perks, not full episodes, and it will be provided to you directly by us after you've contacted us and we've confirmed our ability to do it.

There is no limit on how many people can purchase a personal Talking Teal episode perk every week. We are happy to record as many as you like. However, to save you all money on full episodes, as soon as one of you has purchased a full episode for that week, we will let you know (here and on social media), so that you can save your money for another week!

If you wish to buy a full episode, but can't afford it by yourself alone, don't forget you can still team up with other fans and friends and pool your resources. In order to purchase a full episode together with others, you will need to choose one person whose payment method will be used to purchase the perk, but the rest of you can use other methods (such as PayPal or Venmo) to transfer your share to that person*. Otherwise, all personal episode perks are for a single person.

With this plan, who knows... maybe we can get a whole season of Talking Teal this year, after all!

If you have any questions or ideas for other Talking Teal perks you'd like to see added to our Indiegogo page, please don't hesitate to email us.

If circumstances change and we are able to commit to a whole season, you can be sure we will let you all know immediately.

Thanks for your support of Talking Teal and Lady Parts TV over the years.

Love you all,

Liron and Mimi

* Pooling resources and sharing money with others is entirely up to your discretion. Please make sure to only do this with people you know and trust, as we take no responsibility or liability.

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1 comentario

03 jun 2019

I can't get 7:1 yet, but I have no problem with "spoilers." I read a synopsis of Episode 1 over on the Wentworth FB page and must share a final narrative comment: the author says that although we miss Franky and Bridget, they are in the middle of remodeling their bathroom. Yup. I like that. They are safe from the writers.

Also, as time goes by, I like Season 5 more and more. I think the friendship between Franky and Allie was a great portrait of dyke camaraderie. And the emotional journey of Bridget and Franky after much much watching still has the power to wring my heart.

Me gusta
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