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You know her as Melissa from Packed to the Rafters, as Alex, half of Willex, from Home and Away, or as McKenzie from Nicole Conn's upcoming lesbian-themed film, More Beautiful for Having Been Broken. We sat down with Australian actress Zoe Ventoura to discuss all of the above and much more! Join us for a special quarantine edition of Lady Parts TV Presents...

We apologize for the quality of the video in the first half of the interview. We assume high wifi traffic these days, as everyone is home, has led to poorer video signal. Fortunately, the sound was good throughout, and the video does improve significantly in the second half of our talk. (we assume, as it became later and later in Australia, less people were using the broadband.)

A NOTE FROM DIRECTOR NICOLE CONN: "While the love scene was cut for a small number of platforms, the film as a Director’s Cut is also available through Vision Films - The platforms where the scene is cut does not accept love scenes of any kind - not straight or otherwise. I completely support Vision’s need to meet their platform’s standards. They are completely behind the film and have been extraordinarily supportive of getting this film into every reach of the world possible.”

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