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Lesbian filmmaker extraordinaire Nicole Conn, the writer/director who brought you classics such as Claire of the Moon, Elena Undone, A Perfect Ending, and now More Beautiful for Having Been Broken, sits down to talk to us about the joys, the obstacles, the rewards and the process of making movies by, about and for lesbians.

To purchase the DVD of Nicole's latest film, click here.

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I follow Nicole on Twitter & Facebook. I'm a list maker & lover of "lesbian themed" movies--despite being a white 76 year old white straight male! Yes, I probably watch these for my own demographic reasons, but I'm also not your "normal" male lesbian lover! I'm a heart on sleeve, Lifetime & Hallmark movie lover who has also watched about 130 lesbian themed movies! Also lesbian porn! Which immediately turns you off, I'm sure! That said, I'm a critic (been a writer for 55 years--mostly not published), so watch these movies (& porn) with a critic's eye & sensitivity! Anyway, a few years ago, I created a Top 30 Lesbian Movies list for IMBD & told Nicole about it. She said she …

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