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We had so much fun talking about this phenomenal show that, yes, this vlog is lengthy. But it's full of goodies and different types of discussions. You can watch it in parts, or use this breakdown to hone in on what is of interest to you. Either way, we hope this helps you with your GJ withdrawal this Monday, and that you keep sharing your love for the show, its people and its fans with us throughout the year, all the way to the second season!

SPOILER ALERT: we discuss the season overall, as well as the season finale in this wrap party.

(We apologize for mispronouncing Marlaina's name. She is the wonderful artist who shared her four gorgeous digital artwork paintings).

Vlog breakdown:

00:00:00 - Overall season discussion

00:31:43 - Season finale discussion

00:43:00 - Fan art and fan contributions

00:54:55 - Survey answers

Within the survey:

00:54:55 - favorite line/moment of the series

00:57:00 - funniest line/moment of the series

00:58:44 - most devastating line/moment of the series

01:01:52 - who you most like as Anne Lister’s girlfriend

01:03:28 - your favorite scene partner for Anne

01:05:12 - the one thing you loved most about the show

01:08:40 - anything you didn’t like about the show

01:12:41 - sum up the season in one word

01:13:15 - sum up the season finale in one word

01:14:13 - which actress you would add to the show

01:16:57 - which lesbian character from TV/movie you would pair with Anne Lister

01:19:45 - what you would do if you could spend an afternoon with Anne Lister

01:21:17 - what you hope to see in season 2

01:23:37 - what you would like to see Anne Lister do/be if she lived today

01:25:44 - your messages to Anne Lister

01:27:09 - your messages to Suranne Jones and/or Sophie Rundle

01:33:00 - your messages to Sally Wainwright

You can check out Lynn's full blog post "My Overall Impression of the First Series of 'Gentleman Jack'" (mentioned in the vlog) here.

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