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Hello lovely friends,

As we are gearing up for our new fall Vlogs, we are also getting ready to freshen up our Indiegogo Page and make some perk changes. But before we do that, we want to know from YOU what you are interested in.

As you know, purchasing perks is the only way to support our work, and we appreciate all your support, so we want to make sure to offer the kind of perks that you would like to buy.

Please email us and let us know what kind of perk you would like us to add, what perk you are truly interested in, but is just outside your budget, what other perk price choices you would like added, etc.

We welcome all ideas for new perks and promise to do the best we can to provide you with more choices.

We hope to hear from you soon!

P. S. while we're all waiting for new Vlogs later in the month, we hope you send us your "Coming out on TV and Film" story for our upcoming special Vlog. Info here.


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