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Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and to us, it's just another excuse (not that we need one!) to celebrate love. And to spread a little more love around, between today and Sunday night, February 17, we're making almost all of our perks on our Indiegogo page available for sale prices, as well as bringing back our special Valentine's Day perk for you to purchase for a loved one!

So, plan on wanting a Talking Teal with us? Get it now for the sale price and save it for later or use it now to chat about your hopes for the upcoming season. Want your own Lesbian Movie Club? Get it on sale now and let's talk about your favorite lesbians! Want to chat with us? Let's do it now! And we would love to have you do a segment on our podcast with us, too.

Lots of perks to choose from, and now they're almost all on special sale prices.

Let's spread the love. Go to our Indiegogo page now to check out all the perks and choose yours!

We can't wait to play with you!

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