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Hello, fellow Wentworth fans.

The fifth season is officially over, so it's time to answer some questions! We will feature your answers in our season 5 wrap party, which will be posted on Sunday, July 2nd.

Please copy and paste the questions below into an email, fill in your answers (as many or as few as you like), and email them to us by Wednesday, June 28th, at 4pm EST.

Don't forget to also send in your special contribution by Friday, June 30, at noon EST.

Please be advised, participation in the party is for Talking Teal subscribers only. If you haven't sent us proof of subscription yet, please attach your Vimeo receipt to your email. You can subscribe at at any time before the party and join us for the celebrations.

Talking Teal Season 5 Wrap Party Survey:

Describe your reaction to season 5 in ONE WORD:

Describe your reaction to the S5 finale in ONE WORD:

What was your favorite scene of the season?

What was your favorite line of the season?

What was your single, biggest WTF moment of the season:

Who is currently your favorite character (name only one) and why:

Who is currently your least favorite character (name only one) and why:

Who is your MVP (Most Valuable Player) of the season (choose only one), and why:

Which is your favorite friendship couple (CHOOSE ONE):

Vera and Bridget

Boomer and Franky

Sonia and Boomer

Will and Kaz

Tina and Kim

Vera and Will

Allie and Franky


Who has (or had) the best one-liners (CHOOSE ONE):


Juicy Lucy






Who got the worst storyline this season (CHOOSE ONE)?










Juicy Lucy


Our beloved character Maxine was robbed of a proper ending. Providing she had to leave the show, what story would you have given her to send her off?

In one line, write an epitaph for our deceased character (assuming she's finally really deceased):

If we got a do-over and you could rewrite ONE of the season 5 storylines, which would it be and how would you re-write it?

If you could be in charge of writing ONE storyline for season 6, what would it be and how would you write it?

What are you most worried about for season 6?

What are you most hopeful for in season 6?

If you could cast ONE actor/actress (from any country) in a new role on Wentworth, who would the actor/actress be and what role would s/he play?

If you could give the writers of Wentworth one advice for next season, what would it be?

What is your message to your fellow Wentworth/Talking Teal fan friends at the end of this season?

Would you like to give a shout out to a friend you made through the Wentworth/Talking Teal fandom?

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