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Hello Wentworth fans,

We have great news for you! Thanks to the wonderful Eileen who sponsored a full episode, we will be doing our regular Talking Teal this week. This means, it's time for your emails. So send them over, as you always do, by Saturday (June 22) at noon EST, and let's discuss Wentworth S7 E4 - a shocker that definitely needs discussing!

P.S. if this episode hit you hard and you are interested in a personal perk as well, so we can talk one-on-two, those are still available to you, and there is no limit on how many you can do or how many of you can get them every week. Check them out here.

(A little request of those of you who are planning to send in TT emails. I - Liron - usually prepare the vlog on Saturday, ahead of the Sunday shoot, but this Saturday is my birthday and I will not be working, which means I will be preparing the vlog Sunday morning before we shoot. If you are able to get your email to me before Saturday, so I can do as much work as possible ahead of time, that will mean less work Sunday morning, an earlier shoot, and the Vlog being posted earlier, too! Cheers :)).

To learn more about how this season of Talking Teal is going to work, please read this blog post.

To check out the perks available to you, please visit our Indiegogo Page.

We look forward to our Sunday chat!

#TalkingTeal #Wentworth

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