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Hello Wentworth fans,

We are pleased to announce that the Talking Teal finale is happening, thanks to Jane and Jenn who are sponsoring this last episode of the season. The vlog will be posted Sunday, August 4, so make sure to send your emails to us by Saturday, August 3, at noon EST.

In addition to your emails, this week we're requesting that you send us a short video of your reaction to the last five seconds of the finale. We think you know why... We will post these videos on the upcoming Talking Teal S7E10, so please send them in by the email deadline.

Having a TT finale also means that we will have a Talking Teal S7 Wrap Party! Please check out this blog post for all the information on how you can take part in our party and for the Wentworth S7 survey to fill out!

See you on Talking Teal Sunday!

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