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Hello Wentworth fans,

Season 6 is back with a strong season premiere, and Talking Teal is back so we can all share our anxieties and fears, our hopes and our dreams for our favorite characters!

The first full episode of Talking Teal, dedicated to the premiere of season 6, will be posted Sunday, Saturday 24. You know what that means, right? Email us your thoughts and feelings by Saturday, June 23, at noon EST.

Full episodes of Talking Teal will be posted for the premiere and the finale of season 6. Any other Talking Teal episodes throughout the season will be perk-based.

You can purchase your very own Talking Teal Vlog or podcast with us (we will tape your discussion with us of any episode you choose this season and then share it on our website), or you can purchase a full Talking Teal, complete with fan emails.

Go to our Indiegogo page now to support our work by purchasing a Talking Teal perk, and let's talk teal!

BUT FIRST, let's talk about the season premiere like the good ole' days. Email us by Saturday and tune in this Sunday!

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