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Hello Wentworth fan friends,

It's hard to believe that we are already at this point, but with three episodes left in season 5, we need to talk about... the Talking Teal S5 Wrap Party, which will be posted on Sunday, July 2nd (a week after Talking Teal S5 E12 is posted).

Some of you who were with us last year are familiar with the concept. For those of you who are not, we invite you to check out last year's party (scroll down for the video) to get a general idea of what we're going for. But here is a brief explanation of how YOU can contribute to the party (since the party is all about... you guessed it, you!).

First off, we are looking for ideas for a theme for this year's wrap party. Last year's party was a pajama party, and we had everyone post pictures of themselves in their PJs when they watched. So, the first thing that you can do to contribute is to think about an idea for a theme and email it to us!

Secondly, we want you, the fans, to send in any kind of personal contribution to share with us and your fellow fans. It can be quite literally anything.

If you're feeling creative, you can recreate your favorite scene from season 5 (you can do this by yourself or with a partner. Last year we even had people who live in different countries figure out ways to do scenes together!), you can dress up as one of the characters, write a poem, draw a picture, role-play a piece of fanfic, or anything else that you come up with that is unique to you. Last year we had an original rap song, a recreation of the Wentworth opening theme, a special Wentworth cocktail menu, and even some grief counseling from viewers who are in the psychology profession to help with Bea's death!

If you are not artistically inclined, or if you're shy, you can also send a personal message to us and/or your fellow fans, which we will share on the party VLOG. This message can be video recorded, audio recorded or written (for us to read out). That message could be about what Talking Teal has meant to you, about your experience with fellow fans this season, or any other message you wish to impart.

In order to contribute to the party you have to be subscribed to Talking Teal, but the party will be posted on YouTube for everyone to watch.

It's not too late to subscribe! Subscribe today at and we will welcome your contribution. (If you haven't sent us your proof of subscription yet, please email us your Vimeo subscription receipt in order to contribute).

You can email us your contributions as early as now and as late as Friday, June 30. (If you are sending a big file, please email us first to alert us to it and tell us what big file sharing website you will be using. If you don't know how to send big files, let us know; we'll be happy to help!).

Lastly, in addition to the personal contributions, we will also, much like last year, have a survey for you to fill out about the fifth Wentworth season (all sorts of fun questions). We will reveal the answers on the party VLOG. The survey will be posted on the Blog right after the season finale airs, and you will have about ten days to fill it out and email it to us. Make sure to follow us on social media so you don't miss it!

Important: if you send us anything artistic, you must own the rights to it in its entirety (for example, you can't use someone else's music. If you use someone else's written work, you must have their permission [if it's a well known work, permission is implied] and give him/her credit).

Also, if you send us anything artistic, please write in the email where you attach your work, "I give Liron Cohen and Mimi Torchin of Lady Parts TV the right to use my ____ (poem, video, picture, etc.) in their public video" and sign your name in full.

If you send us a video or a picture of yourself, we will ask you to sign a release form, where you acknowledge that you allow us to use your image and/or voice.

We look forward to all of your contributions, and hope to get something from every single one of you!

If you need our help, have any questions, or want us to try and pair you up with someone else for a certain contribution idea, please feel free to email us.

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