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Hello Wentworth fans,

We are very excited about episode 2 and are so grateful to RACHEL for sponsoring this one!

We decided this year, since it's the final season and since it is entirely perk-based, to add an extra treat, as a special thank you to our episode sponsors.

Anyone who buys a Talking Teal perk and sponsors an episode this season will automatically be entered into a raffle. (Every episode purchased = 1 entry. You will receive multiple entries to the raffle if you buy multiple episodes.) At the end of the season, we will randomly draw one name out of a hat and that winner will receive a one-on-two Talking Teal vlog with us (which we can either share with the rest of the fans or not, according to the winner's wishes.)

So let's get this season going and find out who will chat with us at the end!

#wentworth #talkingteal

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