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Hello fellow Talking Tealers,

As you know, this year we have not been offering our usual perks due to the pandemic. That means that we haven't had a chance to do any one-on-two Talking Teal chats with you. So, we've decided to give away a Talking Teal podcast/chat with us to one of you who submits a creative contribution for this season's Wrap Party.

We will have all the details about the wrap party in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, we thought we'd give you a little incentive to start planning to send in something creative of your own. As a reminder, a creative submission can be anything creative, for which you fully own the copyrights. It can be a song you wrote, a painting you drew, a video of you (maybe with a couple of friends?) re-enacting a scene or making up a new one, a picture of you impersonating one of the characters, etc. etc.

For inspiration, you can watch some of our previous seasons' wrap parties and see what others have done. We've had some wonderful contributions over the years!

So, this year, everyone who submits a creative contribution will automatically be entered into a raffle. The winner will get to choose to do either a one-on-two podcast with us, which we can share with the rest of our followers, or a video chat with us which will remain private.

We hope you're already starting to plan yours!

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