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Hello friends,

We wanted to tell you about a special summer sale we're having on our Indiegogo Page.

To celebrate summer, those who purchase the perk "Be a Guest on Lady Parts" between now and August 29 (the deadline applies to purchase time, but you can redeem the perk at any time before or after August 29), will get it for only $200, instead of its regular price of $500.

This perk grants you a 30-minute Vlog with us, to talk about anything you like (that falls within the Lady Parts purview). We can interview you, you can interview us, or we can just have a friendly chat about some of your favorite topics.

Our joint vlog can then be either posted on our YouTube channel (so that everyone can see how awesome you are), or it can be just a private experience for the three of us.

Your contribution, as you know, is the only thing that supports our work, promoting women on both sides of the screens and providing a lesbian space for our community.

There is no limit as to how many perks you can buy. Want to chat with us once a month? You can buy several of them and redeem them one at a time. Want to have an hour-long chat with us? Buy the perk twice, and it will still cost less than the original price for one!

So, go over to our Indiegogo Page and take advantage of this summer sale. We look forward to interacting with you!

P. S. Talking Teal perks have been removed until next year. However, we can always talk about Wentworth as part of our "Be a Guest on Lady Parts" perk.

#indiegogo #interview #lesbian #lgbt #feminism

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