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Hello friends,

We here at Lady Parts TV value and celebrate fandoms, as you know. Fandom has brought me my wife, Mimi, and some of my best friends. Fandom has introduced me to passionate communities and people that have been a part of my life for years, even long after the "subject" around whom we got together moved on to other things.

In the last couple of months I lost two dear friends whom I had met through fandom. Loretta, whom I met through the Otalia fandom, and Lorraine, whom I met through the Wendy Crewson fandom.

In honor of their memory, and with gratitude for all the wonderful people and experiences that fandom has brought to my life, I would like to start a new Lady Parts TV tradition.

If you've found special friends, maybe even a partner, have had life changing experiences and interactions, tell us and we will give that special person/people a loving message from you and a shout out from us, on one of our Vlogs (your choice. It can be the regular Lady Parts TV Vlog, or one of our Vlog series: Post Op, Talking Teal or Lesbian Movie Club).

Let's celebrate fandom and one another! Write to us at LadyPartsVlog at with a special message to someone special and we will pass it on for everyone to share!

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