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Hello friends and fellow The L Word lovers,

As we get ready for next month's special Lady Parts Presents: The L Word Celebration Vlog (keep an eye out for the survey, which will be posted later today for all of you to fill out), we wanted to give you all an opportunity to BE IN the Vlog with us!

If you give only $5 to our Indiegogo Campaign anytime between today and July 24th and choose the "The L Word Vlog Raffle Ticket" perk, you will be entered into a raffle. On July 25th, we will put all the names of the perk buyers in a hat and randomly draw TWO NAMES .

Those two people will get to participate in our The L Word Celebration Vlog in a short recorded Skype chat which will later be integrated into the Vlog and posted on our public YouTube page.

This way, many more of you get to express your support for our continued work and get a chance to be in the Vlog with us.

You can only enter once.

If you want to ensure your spot in the Vlog, for $50 you can choose the perk "The L Word Vlog Spot" and we will include you in the Vlog in addition to the two raffle winners.

So, go now to our Indiegogo Campaign page and get ready to participate in a celebration of the most important lesbian TV show to date!

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