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Hello friends,

To celebrate the start of the new year, and thanks to super-generous fellow Lady Parts TV viewer Rachel, we have a raffle for you!

Rachel purchased a "Your Own Lesbian Movie Club" perk and chose to gift it to one of you for a good cause. In her words:

"The Rev. Becca Stevens was a classmate of mine through school. She started an organization called Thistle Farms. This organization is dedicated to taking women off the streets. Their tagline is "Love Heals". Her model has been used in several cities and countries throughout the world. Last year Becca was named one of CNN's heroes of the year.

All I want is for folks to visit the website and read about this incredible organization. They don't have to donate or purchase anything to qualify. They can send in a screenshot via email to enter.

The winner of the draw gets the vlog!

My only intent with this is to spread the word about great work that is being done with women who need it the most."

So, all you need to do is go to , take a screenshot of any page on the website, email it to us by midnight New Year's Eve, and you will be entered into the raffle. The winner will get a Lesbian Movie Club all to herself. The winner can either choose a movie and we will do a full LMC about it, or she can choose the movie and join us for a taped Skype Vlog, which we will later post on our public YouTube page.

We would like to say a special thank you to Rachel for being a true champion for women and women's work and for sharing the love with her fellow Lady Parts TV followers.

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