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Hello fellow Holby City and Berena fans,

As you know, we have paused our bi-weekly Post Op VLOGs while Catherine Russell has been away from the show. With Catherine still gone, and with the new knowledge of Jemma Redgrave leaving to do theatre as well, we do not see any substantial and meaningful Berena storyline happening in the foreseeable future.

We therefore have decided to shut down the Post Op channel on Lady Parts TV Plus. The channel will be up until June 30th. Please watch as many of the videos as you like between now and then, and then please cancel your subscription.

We are sorry to put an end to our fun bi-weekly interaction with the fans, but we are even sadder to see another beautiful lesbian storyline go unfulfilled.

If at any point the story is revived, we will probably talk about it on our regular Lady Parts TV YouTube channel.

Thank you for your support. We hope you continue to follow and enjoy the rest of our VLOGs.

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