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Join us for a discussion of this week in television and film, women, the LGBTQ community, and where they all intersect. This week we are discussing new show The Red Line, reviewing the third season of The Good Fight, recommending 90s movie The Devil’s Arithmetic, and giving you a head’s up about HBO series Chernobyl, as well as the third season of The Handmaid’s Tale and other exciting upcoming shows from Hulu. Of course, we also have Mimi’s weekly review of the latest Game of Thrones episode.

*The episode might appear long, but it is actually its normal length, plus Mimi's corner on Game of Thrones.

Listen to the new episode right here on our website, or check out this blog post for all the ways to listen to our podcast.

Want to be featured on our podcast or have an entire episode to yourself with us? Get your podcast perk here! It is a fun way to support and enable our work!

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