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Updated: Nov 10, 2018

Happy Saturday, friends.

How about starting your weekend with a brand new podcast from us? You can now listen to our first full episode on Spreaker , on the PODCAST tab on our website, on iTunes, on Stitcher, or through our various social media (look for links posted on our Facebook page and Twitter), YouTube or SoundCloud .

All of the episodes are available to listen to at a later date. You can listen to our podcast AT ANY TIME.

All the information on all the many ways to listen to our podcast are detailed in this blog post.

And when you listen to the podcast, please take these few very important actions: comment, rate & review, and share.

COMMENT - Our podcast is all about you! And so we want to hear what you think about everything we talk about and what you would like our podcast to be like.

There are many ways to comment on our podcast, from adding a comment on our Spreaker page, to typing up a comment under the player in the PODCAST section on our website, to heading over to the PODCAST category on our forum and start a topic (or join an existing topic) there.

If you prefer to comment in private - no problem! You can always email us (our email address is provided in the top right corner of our website and you can click on it anytime to start an email going), or fill out the contact form at the bottom of our homepage.

RATE & REVIEW - Many of the websites, apps and iTunes, will offer you the choice to rate and review our podcast and episodes. The more of you rate and review us, the more popular our podcast will become, and the more likely we are to be able to continue to do it. So please, take a few seconds to show some love and give us some feedback.

SHARE - Most of the websites will provide you with sharing options for our podcast and specific episodes. Please share them with your friends whenever possible, to spread the word and get us going!

Listen to the first episode of our podcast right here.

We hope you enjoy this week's podcast, and we hope you join the conversation!

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