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Hello friends,

We are thrilled to announce that our perks are back, and you can now purchase them directly from our website. Check out our new perks page , choose your perk, and email us at (or click on the button in the perks page) to order it.

Available perks include episodes of our vlog series L is for Lady Parts, making a comeback just in time for the new season of The L Word - Generation Q, and also episodes of our vlog series Talking Teal, available in time for the new and final season of Wentworth.(We will not be posting episodes for these two series except episodes purchased via perks.) Other popular perks like Vlog with Us, Podcast with Us, Chat with Us, and Lesbian Movie Club Episode of Your Choosing are also back!

Check out the perks page for the complete list of perks and the full information on each one. (please read carefully!)

We look forward to interacting with you! Email us with any questions or requests.

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