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Hello friends and Lesbian Movie Club followers.

Our interview with Barbara Niven is now up on Make sure to catch up on all three parts of this wonderful interview where we discuss acting, body image, activism, politics, and of course, how all these relate to "A Perfect Ending." We thank Barbara for being so generous with her time and for her openness and honesty.

And now it's time to get to working on your emails about the interview and about the movie. As always, we have a few prompts to help get you started thinking about it. You can use them directly in your email or just get inspired by them.

The 3rd episode of Lesbian Movie Club, discussing "A Perfect Ending," will be posted on Thursday, April 20th. Email deadline is Friday, April 14th, at 10am. Email us at LadyPartsVlog at


1. How did you like the chemistry between the two main actresses, Barbara Niven and Jessica Clark?

2. Did you like the characters? Did you feel they were stereotypical in any way?

3. Does this movie have a message? If so, what is it?

4. Much of the movie focuses on the unlikely love story between two very different women who meet under very unusual circumstances. How did you feel about their relationship and its evolution?

5. Why did Rebecca need to fall in love with a woman on her important journey? Do you feel she could have had this journey with a man? Is her transformation the result of her discovering her true sexual orientation, or is it about something else?

6. Did you find the ending to be perfect?

7. Some think this movie utilizes the lesbian death trope. As you could hear in our conversation, we agree with Barbara that that is not the case. What do you think?

8. What was the one thing you most liked about the movie, and what was the one thing you most disliked about the movie?

9. Do you have a personal story that relates to this movie? (about how it impacted you or how it related to your life experience, etc.).

10. What in our conversation with Barbara resonated with you the most?

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