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Hello friends,

We have a new website, a new channel, a new look and a new logo. It's about time we put out new merchandise, right?

We are excited to announce that our entire product line has gone through a makeover. All of our merchandise now carries our new logo. But wait, there's more!

To celebrate our new series "Post Op" and "Lesbian Movie Club" and the new upcoming season of "Talking Teal," we have new T-shirts!

Lesbian Movie Club viewers, we now have T-shirts celebrating Otalia fandom, "Otalia Forever," "Big Purple Dreams" and "Only Love Can Save the World." We have Venice T-shirts, "Giani Forever" and "Team Giani," and we have a general "Love is Love" T-shirt.

To celebrate our upcoming "Imagine Me and You" episode of Lesbian Movie Club, we also have a "You're a Wanker, Number 9" T-shirt.

Post Op viewers, you can now find T-shirts with our Post Op logo, sporting #KeeptheFaith, #Berena, "Berena A Love Story," "Berenice Wolfe Owns My Life," "Scary Shouty Lady," and "I'm With Scary Shouty Lady" T-shirts.

Talking Teal viewers, in addition to our shirts from last season, sporting "Fuck the Labels" (This shirt is only accessible if you click on the link directly. You might also have to go to your account settings and set your rating for "everything" in order to see that one), "F*** the labels," "Puss Puss Puss," "They're Arrested, "We're Invested," "Almost Like Being on the Inside," "Native Speaker," "Contributing Writer," and "I'm Not Obsessed, I'm Invested..."

You can now find T-shirts sporting "Ballie Forever," "Fridget Forever," "I Love You, Beautiful Girl #Ballie," "Certified Wentworth Fanatic," "You Don't Know Me," and "Official Diagnosis: Fridget Fever."

All of our merchandise is completely customizable: You can change the style, the color, etc. Play around with it!

Go check them out at our Zazzle Store right now! (You can also access the store at any time directly from our Home Page. Just scroll down and you'll see it). You can look at all of our products, or specifically browse the "Talking Teal," "Lesbian Movie Club" and "Post Op" categories.

And when you buy yours, don't forget to post a picture wearing it and tag us on it! We love our Lady Parts TV models!

If there is a shirt or a product you'd like, we do take requests! Email us and let us know!

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