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Hello again, friends.

We are continuing to work to improve our website's speed and interactivity. And today we wanted to tell you about some new site subscription features.

As you already know, we highly recommend you all subscribe to receive our website updates. You do that by scrolling all the way down on our home page and submitting your email address, as shown in the picture:

But you can also customize the way you interact with our website. On top of our home page, right under the Lady Parts TV logo on the right, you will see a log in option (or, if you are a first time visitor, you will see a sign up option to become a member).

Clicking on this option will take you to the log in page (or the sign up page, if you haven't signed up yet). After putting in your login information, you will now have access to your Lady Parts TV website account: your subscription settings, notifications, and options on how to interact with our website.

Where the "log in" option used to be, now you will see your profile picture. Clicking on your profile picture or the bell will send you to your account page, where you can view your notifications and change your preferences.

Even though you will receive notifications when new blog posts are up if you are already subscribed to our website, we recommend subscribing to our blog here, as well. You can then set your email notification preferences and start liking and commenting on our posts, allowing you to interact more with us and with other Lady Parts TV followers!

We hope you find this information useful and that all of these updates will allow you to come play with us more often!

See ya soon,

Liron and Mimi

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