Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Hello friends,

I am pleased to announce the launch of my very own new podcast.

Before the Dawn is a bi-weekly podcast in which I talk about my journey to mental health. The four first episodes are already waiting for you there. New episodes will be posted every other Tuesday, at 4am EST.

You can find the podcast on Apple Podcasts (iTunes), Spotify, Spreaker, Google Podcasts, Deezer, Amazon Music/Audible , Podcast Addict , Podchaser , JioSaavn , Castbox ,

and iHeartRadio.

The podcast is also available on YouTube, where automatically generated captions might not be perfect, but could help those who find it hard to follow the spoken word.

Please read the full description below. I hope you join me!

This is my journey to mental health. My journey has presented me with challenges since I was very very young. From actual mental health struggles, with social anxiety, OCD, generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, depression, suicidal ideation, eating disorders, and self harm, to other parts of my life that required their own mental gymnastics: being a highly sensitive person, being a gay woman (which is not a mental health issue on its own, but living as a suppressed minority in this world can be), being diagnosed with a chronic illness, figuring out I had ADHD at age 40… And I also carry with me some of my forefathers’ scars, as the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors.

I’m not doing this podcast because it’s all over. I’m not here to tell you how I made it out the other end. Mental health is a lifelong journey that requires constant maintenance, and it keeps presenting us with new challenges as life’s twists and turns unfold. But after thirty-some years of dealing with all of these issues, I do have some insights that I’d love to share.

I tell my story with the hope that sharing my experiences with others might make someone else feel less alone, less guilty, less scared and ashamed.

I tell my story for others who are struggling and for those who love them.

I tell my story so we can take this journey together. Traveling together, the journey is always made easier, or at the very least, more pleasant.

This is my story, and my story alone. I am not a doctor, a therapist, or an expert. I am just a person who wants to shed light on subject matters that are all too often kept in the dark.

New posts will not be posted here. Instead, please subscribe to the podcast on your preferred podcast platform, and follow on Facebook and on @beforethedawnjourney on Instagram.

Feel free to email me with questions, suggestions and requests for episode topics, or anything else to .

Art by Dania Latar .

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