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The L Word Fans rejoice!

The reboot now has an official premiere date, Sunday, December 8, which means L is for Lady Parts, our vlog series dedicated to the reboot (think what Talking Teal is to Wentworth) now has a premiere date, too.

L is for Lady Parts will premiere Friday, December 6. Much like with Talking Teal, you will be invited to email us your thoughts on the episode of the week and we will incorporate them into our vlog. Much like we did with Talking Teal last year, we will have an Indiegogo page set up to fund the season of L is for Lady Parts. Once we set the price for an episode, every time the Indiegogo page will hit that amount we will do an episode. This means, you can all give as much or as little as you can and it will all go toward making more episodes happen. As usual, the first episode will be on us, and if we get enough episodes in the season made, then the finale will be on us, too.

Time to get excited, ladies. We're finally getting to watch The L Word together and have epic discussions afterward!

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