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Hello fellow Wentworth fans and Talking Tealers!

As we will also explain fully in the premiere of Talking Teal season 6, encouraged by your emails and specifically by Lilly's idea, we've decided to make it easier for you to make more episodes of Talking Teal happen this season.

As we've promised, the premiere and the finale are on us. But that leaves TEN whole episodes in the middle. In addition to personal TT perks - podcasts and two-on-one Vlogs that are available right now on our Indiegogo page - we have also made available full episodes, replete with fan emails, just like in the good ole' days, available for purchase.

However, we realize a full episode might be pricey for one fan, and so we've decided, in the attempt to make it easier and more possible for you to band together and make more episodes happen, to start a NEW INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN, just for TT season 6.

The campaign is set with the goal of $2500 for ten episodes. HOWEVER, every time people give enough money that we reach a $250 increment, we will make a full episode of Talking Teal!

We wil make a Talking Teal episode for every $250 raised, and will be happy to do as many of all ten of them - the entire season (since the premiere and the finale are on us).

There are also perks, although you can contribute as much as you like (it can be any amount, not necessarily a perk amount. Everyone who gives will be added to our thank you list). Please feel free to take advantage of some of our incentives.

Go to our new Indiegogo page now, and let's make this season happen, one episode at a time!

So, thank you Lilly and all you wonderful fans for wanting another season of Talking Teal. We are here and ready to party!

Happy Wentworth season!

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