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Hello Gentleman Jack fans,

Are you ready to party? We are throwing a season wrap party to celebrate this wonderful show, and we're inviting you to participate. To remind you, there are three main way to take part in our party:

1. Write an email for a discussion about the show and its finale (in the style of our Talking Teal vlogs).

2. Share your fan art (poems, drawings, etc. Please only share materials that are NOT copyrighted to anyone else but yourself, and in your email to us please clearly state that you are giving Liron Cohen and Mimi Torchin at Lady Parts TV permission to use and share your creation on our Vlog. Please subject your email "Gentleman Jack contribution."

3. Answer this survey by copying and pasting it into an email (no attachments, please) and sending it to us. You can answer as few or as many of the survey questions as you like.

The wrap party will be posted Monday, June 17. All submissions (fan emails, fan art, and survey responses) must be emailed to us by Friday, June 14, at 4pm EST.

Here is the survey:

Favorite moment/line of the season:

Funniest moment/line of the season:

Most devastating moment/line of the season:

Who do you most like as Anne Lister’s girlfriend:

Ann Walker

Mariana Lawton

Vere Hobart

Who is your favorite scene partner for Anne:

Ann Walker

Mariana Lawton

Marian Lister

Aunt Anne Lister

Someone else:

What is the one thing you loved most about the show?

Was there anything you didn’t like about the show?

Sum up the season in one word:

Sum up the season finale in one word:

If you could add any actress to the show, who would you cast and for what role (existing or made up)?

If you could pair Anne Lister with any lesbian character from any show or movie (old or new), who would it be and why? (feel free to write a little fanfic scene for them.)

If you could spend an afternoon with Anne (NOT SURANNE) how would you like to spend it?

What do you hope to see in season 2?

If Anne Lister lived today, what would you like to see her do or be?

If Anne Lister can hear us wherever she is, what would you like to say to her?

Do you have a message for Suranne Jones and/or Sophie Rundle?

Do you have a message for Sally Wainwright?

Write one fanfic plot summary to share.

Copy and paste the survey into an email (no attachments, please), and email your answers to us asap!

And if you haven't yet watched our first GJ Vlog, catch up with it now:

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