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We are happy to annouce a special Fourth of July sale. The sale is on TWO of our most popular perks, and you can find them on our Indiegogo page with the "7/4 Sale" in the title. The one is Lesbian Movie Club - Your Choice (you choose the lesbian-themed movie and we dedicate an LMC to it), and the second is Your Own Vlog with us (we tape our discussion on your topic of choice via Skype and then post it to our website and YouTube page).

If you'd like to run your topic of choice/lesbian movie choice by us first, to make sure we can do it, feel fre to email us at any time.

The sale will last until Midnight, Monday 7/7 (the end of the weekend following the holiday), and we hope as many of you take advantage of it!

We look forward to chatting with you!

Happy World Pride!

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