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Hello friends,

We here at Lady Parts TV are proud to be a space for all kinds of women to share their stories and experience and provide the safe space to create a supportive community.

We have received a request from our lovely Lady Parts follower Kathy to do a "coming out Vlog." Since you all know how much I love coming out stories, I decided to throw the idea out there and see how you respond.

Email us and tell us about the film/TV character whose coming out story you've identified with the most and why. You are invited to also tell us if a coming out story inspired or helped you come out and tell us your own story, as well.

Are you a straight ally? We want to hear from you, too! Tell us about a TV/film coming out story that made you understand your LGBT friends better, that really made a difference in the way you thought about the LGBT community, or that spurred you to action in support of your friends' rights.

If enough of you send us your stories, we will do a special "coming out Vlog,"

EMAIL US your stories by September 17th at 11pm.

*If you would like to submit your story anonymously, just let us know and we will keep your identity out of the Vlog.

We also remind you that only for the month of August (29th is the deadline) you can purchase our biggest perk and be a guest on our Vlog for less than half its regular price. Visit our Indiegogo page now and support our work by getting fun perks.

#lesbian #lgbt #comingout

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