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We promised to make it up to you for not having a Cyber Monday sale, so here it is: a huge 40% off almost every perk on our Indiegogo Campaign page, including the new perks for "L is for Lady Parts" (our upcoming Vlog series dedicated to "The L Word" reboot) and for the upcoming season 6 of Talking Teal (read more on these two here).

Starting today and lasting through Monday, December 25th, 2017, you can go to our Indiegogo page and click on the STARRED version of your favorite perk to purchase it for its sale price.

To name just a few of the reduced-price perks, you can be a guest on our Vlog for $150 instead of $250. You can buy a 45 minutes Talking Teal or "L is for Lady Parts" for One for $120 instead of $200, have a phone chat with us for $90 instead of $150, or have your picture featured in our Supporters Hall of Fame for $30 instead of $50.

And there are more reduced price perks where those came from! Lesbian Movie Club of your choosing, full episodes of "L is for Lady Parts" and Talking Teal, and more...

So go NOW to our Indiegogo page and get a gift to yourself or a friend (some gifts have the option to choose if you're buying them for yourself or a friend, but even those who don't -- all perks are completely transferrable and all perks can be redeemed at any point; there is no expiration date), and most importantly, support our work if you want to see it keep going.

Happy holiday season, everybody. We are grateful for your love and continued support and we look forward to all the great things we will do together in 2018.

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