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Hello friends,

We are back from our hiatus and are excited about interacting with you all and posting some new VLOGs very soon.

We are especially excited about our Coming Out in TV and Film VLOG. We've been urging you all to send us your stories, and we want to hear from as many of you as possible, so much so that we are going to keep accepting emails for a few more days, even though it's way past the deadline. Get all the information here, let us know you're working on your story, and then email it to us asap.

We have also updated our Indiegogo Page. Now that it is an ongoing campaign to support our work, we have LOWERED THE PRICES SUBSTANTIALLY on most of our perks and ADDED NEW PERKS. Please check out the updated page and get yourself a perk. We look forward to interacting with you even more going forward.

As we start the new season of Lady Parts TV, we want to hear from YOU about what kind of VLOGs you would like to see. Are there shows you'd like us to talk about? Are there subject matters or certain actresses you would like to hear about from us? As always, we enjoy your input, appreciate your feedback, and love taking requests. Email us with any questions or ideas whenever you like.

Finally, don't forget we have lots of cool merchandise waiting for you at our Zazzle store. We love showing off our models, so make sure to share your picture with us when you buy Lady Parts TV merch!

So, we wish you all a beautiful fall, lots of great new TV series and seasons, an excellent award season -- and may you celebrate all of those with us.

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