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Subscribe to the new season of Talking Teal now at and make it possible for us to continue bringing you your favorite Vlog series for the entirety of the new Wentworth season.

Hello Talking Teal viewers,

It's finally time to go back to Wentworth Prison, and we are excited to announce a fun contest, which will go on throughout the 2017 Talking Teal season.

We are always amazed at how insightful Wentworth fans are and how good you are at analyzing every little detail to predict what's going to happen next.

So, this season we've decided to actually put your Wentworth Detective skills to the test.

After every Wentworth episode, we will ask you between 1-3 questions (make sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook , where the questions will be posted, so you don't miss them). The questions will be based on that week's episode and will ask you to predict what will happen next with a certain storyline, character or relationship.

If you feel you have a good (or educated) guess, you will email us your answer/s to the weekly questions (before the following episode airs, of course).

Whenever the question is answered on the show, if it turns out that you were correct, you will email us again to let us know we need to go back to your original email and grant you a point for your awesome Wentworth skillz.

At the end of the Talking Teal season (for as long as it lasts -- that is up to you and how many of you subscribe at ; read our statement about the new season of Talking Teal and join us in making it possible for it to last the whole season), we will add up all the points and crown the Talking Teal Queen for season 5!

Reminder: participation in this season of Talking Teal requires proof of subscription. If you haven't emailed us your Vimeo receipt yet, please attach it to your first Talking Teal or Talking Teal Queen Contest email to us so that you can participate.

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