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Hello Wentworth and Talking Teal fans,

The season 5 premiere of Wentworth has been announced, and now it is time to start planning the new season of Talking Teal.

We are pleased to announce our pre-season special, which will be posted on Sunday, APRIL 2nd, 2017, two days before the Wentworth season premiere, and will kick off our Sunday Talking Teal series.

For our pre-season special, we want to focus on, who else but, YOU: the veteran fans who watched us last season, as well as the new fans who binge-watched on Talking Teal during the off-season and are now joining us live.

So, as always, we want to hear from YOU. Copy and paste these questions into an email, answer as many of these questions as you like and email them to us by Sunday, March 26th:


What is your name or social media handle?

Where in the world are you from?

What is your age range? Choose from: under 18, 19-34, 35-49, 50-69, 70 and over.

Describe yourself in ONE LINE.

Name three TV shows you love besides "Wentworth."

Have you successfully completed your grieving process since the ending of season 4?

Name ONE THING you are most looking forward to in season 5.

What crime would land you in Wentworth Prison?

Who would you like to share a cell with and why? (this could be a character or a friend from the fandom).

What or who got you into Wentworth?

What or who got you into Talking Teal?

In THREE WORDS describe how Wentworth/Talking Teal influenced or impacted your life.

Do you have a shout out to a special friend you made through the Wentworth fandom?

Finally, in ONE LINE, what is your message to all of your fellow fans as we embark upon the new season?

Remember, copy and paste these into an email and send them to us by Sunday, March 26th.

If there is anything else you would like to share with the fandom, please add it to your email for our consideration.

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