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We have exciting news for you, friends. Our brand new channel, Lady Parts TV Plus, is now up! And to celebrate the launch, we have a special sale for you because... well, who doesn't like a bargain?!

So, here is how the new channel works:

Lady Parts TV Plus is the new home for our three Vlog series: Talking Teal, Post Op and Lesbian Movie Club. (and any vlog series we may launch in the future)

You can access these directly from our home page at any time (right under the "Lady Parts TV Plus" section you will see three buttons inviting you to join the three different vlog series). You can also go to at any time and search for "talking teal," "lesbian movie club" or "post op." You can also subscribe for updates from each of our vlog series on the Vimeo page, so you're always up to the latest video we've posted.

After that, we recommend bookmarking the vlog series pages for easy and immediate access. You can also download the Vimeo app to your device and watch us there.

Our Vlog series will be available for the minimal price of a subscription. As long as you are subscribed to a series, you will have full access to all the episodes and bonus features that are included with it and those which will be added to it as we go along.

You can subscribe and unsubscribe at any time. The fee is on a monthly basis.

(Post Op viewers, subscriptions will be available on Saturday, March 11th, when we post our new episode. For now, please visit the page to get acquainted with it).

You can also purchase individual episodes in high quality and either watch them on your Vimeo account without being subscribed or download them to your device and own them forever.

We encourage you all to visit all of our Vlog series pages now and check them out (including our brand new trailers and posters!).

Talking Teal

Post Op

Lesbian Movie Club


Exclusively for launch day, we will provide promotion codes that will give you 20% off video purchases. These offers are limited. Make sure to be the first to use them before they run out.

Right now we offer 20% off our three Talking Teal interviews (under the Talking Teal series) and our Two Otalia/Venice interviews (under the Lesbian Movie Club series) in HIGH QUALITY (higher than was offered on YouTube) for you to PURCHASE and OWN for LIFE. You can get 20% off those purchases with the promotions code for the first 24 hours after the launch.

We reiterate, these promo codes are limited in number. Make sure you use them as quickly as possible to ensure you are one of those who gets to redeem them.

We have surprises and bonus features planned. A subscription guarantees you full access to ALL OF THOSE.

IF YOU SUBSCRIBED TO OUR WEBSITE MAILING LIST, you will be the first to get the promo codes, giving you a much better chance of being able to use them. The promo codes will go out to the general public via our social media platforms later today.

We encourage you to subscribe to our website's mailing list (scroll to the bottom of our home page for the subscription form) for future news and promotions.

If you have subscribed to our mailing list, we also recommend that you add LadyPartsTV at to your contact list, so we don't end up in your spam!

Finally, we are trying to give you the best viewer experience. However, if you are experiencing any problems, please let us know by emailing us at LadyPartsTV at or by filling out a contact form on our website's home page.

See you on Vimeo!

See you on Vimeo!

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