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Hello friends,

June is Pride Month, and we want to celebrate the occasion with a special "The State of Queer Women in Television" Vlog. And for that, we want your help! We want your input on the queer women you are watching on TV these days and your thoughts on them.

Please copy and paste the form below, fill out as much of it as you can or wish and email us your answers BY JUNE 13 at 10am EST to help us put together this special Vlog.

** By the way, if you haven't already heard, in anticipation of a possible reboot, we are planning a special Lady Parts TV Celebrates The L Word Vlog for later this summer. We will ask for your input on that, as well, so stay tuned!***


Which of the TV shows you are currently watching feature a regular queer female character? (feel free to elaborate and tell us more about the character, how the show treats her and how you feel about her)

Rank your top 3-5 queer characters on television right now.

Rank your top 3-5 lesbian relationships on television right now.

Have you seen bad depictions of queer female characters and/or lesbian death trope on your favorite TV shows lately? Tell us about it.

Which country produces the best queer female TV characters, in your opinion?

Are there shows you are watching strictly for the queer female character, even though you don't like the genre or are not invested in any other stories on the show?

What do you think about the state of queer female characters and relationships on television now as opposed to what it used to be?

Please feel free to add and expand on anything related to the topic.

#lgbt #lesbian #bisexual #queer #television #pride #survey #fan

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