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Hello Lady Parts TV friends,

As you know, our latest perk on our Indiegogo Campaign page grants the buyer a Lady Parts TV Lesbian Movie Club about the lesbian-themed movie of her choosing.

Well, now we have a special limited offer to go along with this perk:

The next three people who purchase this perk will also get a 15 minute one-on-two Skype chat with us about the movie you choose, which can remain private, just for you and us, or can be incorporated into your episode of Lesbian Movie Club and posted on our YouTube channel.

You can also purchase this perk and instead use it for a 15 minute one-on-two Skype chat about The L Word, which can be incorporated into our upcoming special celebration Vlog of the monumental series (or stay private, if you prefer).

We are also open to ideas! If you are interested in using the 15 minutes to talk about another lesbian-related TV show, please double-check with us that we are watching or used to watch the show before purchasing.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and get your special perk now, and we can schedule our Skype date asap!

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