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Hello friends,

We are pleased to announce that our special offer from last week has now become a permanent perk on our Indiegogo Page.

Having just done our first Lesbian Movie Club Skype Vlog (where we talked to Sarah about the wonderful movie "Carol." The vlog will be posted on our YouTube page soon), we enjoyed it so much, that we would absolutely love to do more Lesbian Movie Club episodes with you, talking about your favorite films.

Talking to Sarah about a movie that is so special to the lesbian community was not only a great experience, but it was also an important one. Places for queer women from all over the world to share our stories and experiences and talk about our representations (as we like to say, the good, the bad and the dead), hardly exist.

Purchasing any perk on our Indiegogo Page will not only grant you fun time with us (guaranteed!), but it will also mean you will be supporting a much-needed lesbian space.

So, head over there now and pick up a few perks for you and your friends, and we look forward to chatting with you!

P.S. If you have an idea for a perk that you would be interested in that we haven't offered yet, please email us and let us know.

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