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Hello friends,

We hope you're enjoying some gorgeous spring weather (or if you're Down Under, that you're having a lovely autumn!).

You may have noticed that we haven't posted a podcast or a vlog for a while now. We actually have posted an update on our social media (make sure to follow us there: @LadyPartsTV on Instagram, and check out the main webpage for links for Facebook and Twitter), but we forget that not everyone gets to see those.

The reason we have been a bit absent is that after two years away from doctors, friends, theaters and hairdressers, Mimi has gone back to NYC to get some important maintenance done. We didn't plan to be off the air for long, but we seemed to have underestimated the length of time she would have to spend in the city and overestimated the amount of time she would have whilst there to watch new shows and record podcasts.

We have been keeping up with new stuff for you (we've been adoring Julia, getting excited about the new Gentleman Jack, are quite impressed by The First Lady, and also checking out the loads of new shows coming out on Apple TV Plus and Hulu!). Alas, we have not had a proper chance to review them for you.

We promise to get back to giving you your weekly dosage of women in TV and film as soon as we can. In the meantime, we'll try to post more tidbits on social media to alert you to what you should be watching!

Talk soon,

Liron and Mimi

P. S. You should follow @mimitorchin on Instagram for some fabulous NY pictures, like only Mimi can take. (See example below.)

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