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Feb 15, 2017

Are you an Otalia or a Venice fan or both?

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Did you start following Crystal Chappell and Jessica Leccia during their Guiding Light days? Or did you only get to know them as Gina and Ani?

Feb 17, 2017

I have watched a lot of soaps over the years and I'm sad that many of them are gone. I did watch Guiding Light for a little while but it was way before Crystal and Jessica were on the show. Last week I sat through all of the seasons of Venice and I really enjoyed it. There were a lot of Days of Our Lives actors and actresses on it. So about Gina and Ani. I love both characters and I hope they end up staying together but as with all soaps I'm sure they will have up's and a lot of downs. I was a little confused as to why season 5 only had 4 episodes and the other seasons had more then that. I hope they are able to keep the show going.